Unleash the Power of Persuasive Presentation

March 4, 2015

ID-10080277Effective presentation skills are critical for knowledge transfer, lecturing, sales, teaching, training and even personal activities such as serving on the board of a homeowner’s association. The power of a presentation is the key differentiator between success and failure when persuading colleagues, inspiring a team and/or presenting an idea to stakeholders.

If you’re unsure of your presentation skill level, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I excited and confident when speaking to large audiences?
  2. When presenting, does my audience’s verbal and non-verbal communication affirm that they understand what I am communicating?
  3. I am a master of my material, but have I mastered all aspects of delivering powerful presentations?
  4. Do I feel comfortable with all forms of presentations—oral, multimedia, PowerPoint, etc.?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all four questions, move on to more compelling content. If not, fear not—the Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations course will transform you so that you can easily answer YES. This course has been proven to send professionals’ presentation skills soaring whether presenting to a small team or a large group.

Recipe for Success

The Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations course is an intensive two-day seminar in which professionals learn tools that are immediately applied and reinforced over a series of eight class presentations. Students’ presentations are videotaped so that a personal coach can immediately review and evaluate participants’ performance. Critical communication skills, consistent coaching and the vulnerability of fellow students are key components to success.

Proven Four-Step Process

The High Impact Presentations course is comprised of four key steps:

  1. Plan- Students describe their audience and ascertain the purpose of their talks based on the outcome sought with each audience.
  2. Prepare- Participants learn how to establish a positive mind-set; generate an attention-getting opening; illustrate key points with evidence and visuals; and create a compelling closing.
  3. Practice- Professionals build their self-confidence and effectiveness by practicing and reviewing their visuals for optimization.
  4. Present- Students apply all of the skills learned in order to deliver powerful presentations—from the first impression to the Question and Answer session

Lead vs. Lecture

Anyone can read notes on PowerPoint slides in front of large groups, however most audiences do not have the attention span to digest information provided in a boring, monotonous tone. Powerful presentations engage rather than simply educate audiences. Graduates of the Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations course project a positive image; are more relaxed and natural when delivering presentations; and inspire their audiences.

Polished to Persuasive

Many presenters know their material inside and out. Their appearance may be spot-on—professionally dressed and personally groomed. While these ingredients are important to the overall delivery of a presentation, the level of persuasion is much more critical than how polished the speaker may appear. Graduates use supporting facts and examples with clarity and force to persuade their audience with supporting facts and examples.

If you’re ready to unleash the power of your persuasive presentation skills, enroll in an upcoming Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations course today!

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