Lemons Into Lemonade

December 23, 2014

ID-100132742It’s no secret that life can be challenging. Unexpected events, situations or challenges can arise that seem to put a stop to the ideas, plans or dreams you have, hence the infamous quote, “When life gives you lemons…” But outside forces don’t have to slow you down, let alone stop you. One thing we sometimes forget is that we are not alone in our struggles. We are not the only ones to experience loss, setbacks, failure, and so on. It’s easy to feel alone – to wrongly believe that no one gets us or understands what we are going through. That lie – that belief – is a mindset created to extinguish your passion, dreams and purpose.

I’ve got good news for you – when life gives you lemons, there is an opportunity to learn. The opportunity to learn is to receive insight and understanding on how others were able to rise up from the ashes and burn a brighter flame then ever before.

So what’s the big secret to get up from under that rut? One word: mindset.

After reading Miles Jennings’ article on Entrepreneur.com, we thought you might be able to relate to one (or all!) of the 5 thoughts that crush success. We are certainly not strangers to the challenges of a negative mindset, and it’s important to take a positive approach to these common mindset minefields. In fact, our trainings continue to show that Dale Carnegie was a strong leader on this exact topic when he said, “Happiness doesn’t depend on external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude.”

It’s not necessarily our circumstances that must change, but rather our ability to make lemonade out of the lemons. Or, as Jennings so eloquently puts it, “Challenge this thinking by asking, ‘How can I do this better?’”

We want to hear from you – what is the one mindset you struggle with the most, or what tools and experiences have you used to overcome negative thoughts?

To read Miles Jennings whole article, visit: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/240018

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