Mind Over Matter

December 1, 2014

ID-10041383You’ve probably heard the term, “Mind Over Matter” many times in regards to pushing through difficulties, accomplishing goals, and getting your desired outcome. Perhaps, if you’re like me, you’ve almost used it as a “no pain, no gain” kind of mantra. Seems kind of intense and almost harsh, doesn’t it?

Interestingly enough, Mary Vinnedge wrote an article recently for Success.com titled “Use This Mind Game to Achieve Your Goals” and while it is in fact a “mind over matter” focused article, the tactics and techniques used to accomplish your goals were much more positive than the above mentioned mantra.

The best nugget of information Vinnedge gives is this: “There’s only one way to fail and so many ways to succeed. Your success chances seem much stronger, and you harness the power of self-fulfilling prophecy.” She gives the example of making one failure statement and then multiple positive statements supporting the desired goal. In other words, you are supporting the positive outcome with multiple affirming statements, and minimizing failure with one singular statement.

In the end, the Success article, “no pain, no gain”, and “mind over matter” all focus on one key aspect: mindset. What is your mindset and what type of interaction (positive or negative) are you having with yourself? Mindset lends itself to willpower – are you telling yourself you can or cannot achieve your desired outcome?

So if reaching our goals relies primarily on mindset, that means we need to spend more time investing in and strengthening our ability to create a positive mindset and specific goals around our desired outcome. Most of us need support and to gain a deeper understanding of what our goals are and how to achieve them. That’s why at Dale Carnegie we have our “Dream Big Focus Small: Achieve SMARTER Goals” Webinar. It allows you to get a really clear focus on what you want and how to support achieving those goals – regardless of whether they are personal or professional goals. Not surprisingly, after reading Vinnedge’s article, the outcome starts with a clear, inner focus.

What are you ready to accomplish? What desire is pulling at you to achieve better results?

To read Mary Vinnedge’s examples, visit: http://www.success.com/article/use-this-mind-game-to-achieve-your-goals

To learn more about our upcoming webinar on this topic, visit:


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