You’re only as strong as your biggest weakness

November 14, 2014

ID-10036036Being a leader is about exemplifying the values and activities that inspire and encourage others to action.  At Dale Carnegie, we are based on the truth of one man’s belief in the power of self-improvement. One of the best ways to promote and encourage self-improvement is to face your biggest weaknesses. In the Inc. article written by Minda Zetlin found below, there are 5 questions to ask yourself in order to help support that process.

Zetlin starts the article by realizing that for most of us, our weaknesses are nothing more or less than traits we try to hide, overcompensate for, or cover up. However, she went through an internal process to really notice and acknowledge her own weaknesses and not just try to hide them. This can leave one vulnerable but ultimately stronger. The first step is recognition of any weaknesses; the second step is to work on strengthening them. The article starts with three questions that beg for internal assessment. They require you to take a step back and think outside of your usual mode of operation, to review the situation and think about alternative ideas, solutions or situations.

The fourth question, “Can you get help with your weaknesses?” mentions “Getting assistance from someone else is a perfectly legitimate and very effective way to overcome a weakness.”  Zetlin makes a great point that when recognizing and working on personal weaknesses, sometimes it is difficult or even impossible to adjust, shift and strengthen independently. That’s why at Dale Carnegie Training, we offer a variety of courses around personal development. Some may say you are only as strong as your biggest weakness, and we want to help support you to strengthen those weaknesses. Effectively learning to strengthen weaknesses and use them as strengths is an efficient way to add value as a leader.

The article closes with two more questions that really drive home understanding the core of your weaknesses and how to make different choices in the future. If you would like to read the whole article, please visit:

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