6 Ways to Balance Work, Life, and Stress

September 4, 2014

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Every manager and employee has choices when it comes to managing workplace stress. Assignments and responsibilities can be overwhelming at times. It is how each individual manages the stress that can make a difference in both attitude and performance. It is the most challenging of stressors that often create the most havoc.

Dale Carnegie Training offers six ways to balance work and life that support improved success:

  • Plan every day: It is important to organize and schedule your daily work assignments. When the interruptions happen (and they will), it will be simple to start again with the task at hand. 
  • Take time for lunch and a break: Take the time to step away and refocus. A few minutes away from work or phone will give the opportunity for renewed energy.
  • Look at the positives: With full days, and a lot of responsibilities and expectations, think of the possibility of accomplishments in a good way. Value commitment and hard work.
  • Lighten up on the technology: No one needs to be hooked up with devices 24/7/365. Schedule time to address e-mails, texts and phone calls. Answering  e-mails in the morning or early afternoon will let you focus on other important responsibilities.
  • Get a good night’s sleep every day: Everyone needs a healthy good night’s rest. When people are tired during the day, stress increases and productivity decreases.
  • Use the travel commute time wisely: Make the most of the drive or commute time. Listen to a Dale Carnegie e-book or have your favorite music in the background. This is an important time to gear up for the day or unwind as you head home.

Organizational stress can be managed with the right mindset. Striving for normalcy is very important. Mr. Dale Carnegie once said in his famous business book, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, have a “vigorous determination to stop worrying and start living!”

This World War II era quote is still true today. Make the most from every professional experience.


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