7 Traits Exhibited by a Team Player

July 2, 2014

team-playerThe ability to work effectively in a team is essential to your professional growth. If this is a concern for you, then it’s time to examine what type of primary traits you should work on developing in yourself and your employees.

If others see yourself as a team player, there is a good chance that you will be invited onto more projects. Should this happen, you will get tagged as the “go-to person” and meet key decision-makers within your organization.

Team members work best together when they mesh well—that is, when they respect each other and enjoy each other’s company. While not everyone on your team will be friends, respect is mandatory for successful teamwork.

Here are 7 traits effective team players tend to exhibit from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of the Emerald Coast:

1. Take Accountability — Team players accept an appropriate amount of personal responsibility. They will follow through with whatever tasks they accept.

2. Have A Great Attitude Toward Challenges — A friendly, positive attitude is required to work well with others. Team players recognize that they must share responsibility and that they cannot control every aspect of a project.

3. Have Strong Communication & Interpersonal Skills — Teamwork requires clear, effective communication. Team players communicate well with those on and off the team. They also know how to build the right working relationships, providing the maximum number of resources for their team.

4. Are Often Times Competitive By Nature — While competitive behavior can prove detrimental to a team, it can also drive the team forward. Team players who demonstrate a competitive spirit can push the group forward towards success.

5. Are Aware Of The Bigger Picture — Team players understand that the actions of themselves and their team members impact the organization as a whole — and they see just how.

6. Are Consummate Diplomats And Professionals — Team players conduct themselves with a professional attitude, respecting other team members. They do not allow minor conflicts or small roadblocks to get in the way of their ability to work on a team.

7.  Are Team-Oriented — Processes and procedures work differently in a team environment than they do for an individual. An effective team member will consider what works best for a team when laying out a path to success.

It takes a great deal of patience to be the ideal team player, but a team player attitude is an incredibly valuable asset in the workplace. Team players are respectful, accountable and forward thinking. By embodying these traits, you can positively affect your team and stand out as a leader.

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