Is Our Lot In Life All In Our Perception?

May 14, 2014
lemonSomeone wrote to me the other day saying that their life was a living hell. It brought to mind an event that I will never forget. One snowy morning a few years ago I went to the First Methodist Church in downtown Charlotte. The Sunday school was made up of about 30% homeless people. When the teacher asked if anyone had anything to be thankful about, one semi-toothless man told this story.


“I was hungry. It had been over two days since I had eaten and there were no prospects for food other than prayer. As I was walking the sidewalks I spied a package sitting on the top of a phone booth. I went up and took a closer look. There was no one around. I decided to walk down the street and wait to see if anyone was going to come back and claim the package. After a while no one came. I decided to go back and see what was in the package. I grabbed the package and ran around the corner. I opened it up to find a dinner of Peking Duck served up on a bed of rice. I said, ‘Thank You Jesus. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Jesus, because You know how much I love Peking Duck’ ……….. I ate off of that duck for two days.” He sat back down with a snaggletooth smile beaming from ear to ear.


Perhaps we should look a bit harder to find joy in our life. To misquote one of Dale Carnegie’s favorite sayings a bit, “When life gives us lemons, make Peking Duck.”


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