5 Tips for Acclimating a New Employee

May 5, 2014

ID-100117768New employees generally feel overwhelmed with paperwork, computer passwords and log-ins, and remembering other employees’ names. But whether your company employs 5 or 5,000 employees, your organization can ease the transition for new hires.

A facility tour and process overview is the best way to acclimate a new employee. Also pay attention to detailing their general job duties, for the sooner they feel comfortable with what is expected of them, the sooner they’ll feel comfortable producing positive results for you. Even something as simple as a welcome sign and introductory email can help new employees feel welcome. This will also encourage existing employees to welcome them.

Here are some considerations for welcoming your new employee from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of The Emerald Coast:

1. Awareness — Make sure your new employees know exactly how their job duties affect the team and organization.

2. Communication Skills — When communicating with new employees about their needs, be consistent with your verbal and written skills. Your ability to build solid relationships begins with your first interactions with them and continues to build from there.

3. HR Management — Strong human resource skills and policies go a long way for getting new employees on the right path. Plus, it allows your new employees to feel permanently accepted and welcomed.

4. Professionalism — How you handle a new employee can mitigate your liability. Talk with an HR professional to get a better understanding of what you need to do to ensure your company’s compliance.

5. Team Welcome — Make introductions immediately. Ensure everyone goes out of his or her way to welcome a new employee. If you treat your new employees as part of the team from their first day, their value becomes immediately apparent.

Remember—planning and delivering a new employee orientation is an effective way to limit turnover and increase new employee productivity. In addition to reducing start-up costs, it provides a warm welcome to integrate new employees into the organization’s culture and improves employee loyalty and retention.

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