6 Important Aspects of Leadership

March 12, 2014

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As we quickly move into 2014, we realize and anticipate that the challenges and successes of leadership and organizations today are as interesting here in Northwest Florida and beyond. . The ingredients to building successful teams and businesses are both strategy-based and people-driven. Great talent is hard to find.

Dale Carnegie Training offers six important aspects that leadership needs to continually focus on to seek opportunity, development and success:

  • Finding the right talent: Business success depends on people. With good recruits out in the job market looking for companies focused on growth, the continuous search for good hires is never ending.
  • Making positive choices: The future is filled with unknowns. And no leader can predict what will happen with industry and market. Decisions must be integrated into overall processes that will help ensure success and growth.
  • Maintaining credibility and trust: Companies are only as strong as the leadership. It is always important to do the right thing in every circumstance to build prosperity. Doing everything with values and mission in mind often eliminates distrust and dishonesty.
  • Promoting change and advancing opportunities: Each employee in the organization needs the opportunity to improve through training and education. These core ingredients expand skills and experiences.
  • Keeping people engaged: Employee involvement and engagement keeps everyone stimulated and the teams energized for teambuilding risk taking.
  • Establishing open communication: An open door policy for leadership builds trust and respect  and moves the organization forward. Supervision and management need to maintain clarity in message and mission. Success and teamwork improve through engagement and communication.

As we head into the spring and deeper 2014, our businesses have their hands full as the economy moves slowly back to the normalcy of years past. Training and education create the right opportunity to recruit and maintain the talent needed to be competitive. The challenges of the present and preparation for the future are driven by winning friends and influencing people.

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