Six Ways to Praise Your Employees’ Performance

February 10, 2014

ID-100113092Did you praise your team members more than you critiqued them this week? No matter what, experts all agree that you will have a happier and more productive workforce if your team members feel like valued employees. And the more you praise your staff for a job well done, the more productive they will be.

Although praise seems like such a simple thing, it’s often done unsuccessfully, if at all. To help you or someone you know become better at praising, your friends at Dale Carnegie Training have listed below 6 tips for your review and consideration.

1. Offer Genuine Praise — When you provide praise, ensure that the content of your message is thoughtful and heartfelt. This will maximize the impact of your words. Your employees don’t want to receive praise simply because it’s an item on your to-do list, so make it meaningful.

2. Understand How People Respond To Recognition — Everyone responds to praise differently. While you should ensure equal treatment, consider offering different choices as rewards for a job well done.

3. Provide Immediate Praise — When you see an employee doing something right, offer praise and positive reinforcement immediately. This lets the employee know that you’re not just looking to criticize.

4. Give Specific Details — When praising an employee, be as specific as possible. This shows the employee that you are particularly attentive to their performance.

5. Grant Praise And Criticism Separately — When offering praise, keep it simple and specific, and avoid mixing in criticism. You can offer performance improvement tips another time. Even the most constructive criticism can mitigate the effect of praise.

6. Balance Your Praise — Avoid praising only your top performers. Your most lackluster employee may respond well to praise as a means of encouragement for improving, just make sure you are sincere when you give it.

Try to take some time right now and catch someone doing something right. And when you do, praise them and look at how their body responds to you. You will immediately see how it is so worth doing more times than not.


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